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2024 Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference 

Workshops & Activities

Pre-Conference Program

(Thursday Arrival + Friday Morning Intensive)

Thursday Night Tea Party

More Info Coming Soon

Thursday, October 3, 2024



Herbs, Ritual and Sacred Ceremony

3-Hour Intensive

with Robin Rose Bennett

Friday, October 4, 2024


2024 Conference Keynotes

*Included in Registration*

How Plants Teach us to Live: Joy is Medicine

with Robin Rose Bennett

Friday, October 4, 2024

Opening Keynote


Seasons of a Magical Life

with Byron Ballard

Sunday, October 6, 2024

Closing Keynote


Weekend Intensive

Herblore & Old Wives' Wisdom

with Byron Ballard

3-Hour Intensive

Friday, October 4, 2024


Cost: +$75.00

(Limited to 40 people)

2024 Weekend Workshops

Alphabetized by Title

Ayurveda and Seasonal Wellness

Presenter: Jennifer Maklan, Founder of Chattanooga Ayurveda

Ayurveda, India's ancient system of health and healing, is rooted in the basic principles and rhythms of nature. Health, in Ayurveda, is a result of proper communion with nature, and it must be maintained with a proper diet and lifestyle. Naturally, health guidelines change with the seasons. At this introductory-level, interactive workshop, you’ll learn about six different seasons, their applicability within the United States, how they impact the Ayurvedic doshas or fundamental principles, and how to live well in each season. You’ll walk away with a seasonal plan for living well, and specific actions you can apply each season to positively impact your health and wellbeing.

Beyond Sauerkraut and Kimchi: Vegetable Fermentation Immersion

Presenter: Soirée-Leone

*Saturday Special Session Option*

Fermentation is practiced around the world as a technique to preserve food, creating delicious and compelling flavors and textures. In this 3-hour immersion, we will explore a variety of vegetable fermentation techniques including: dry salting, brining, perpetual brines and pastes, plus using scraps, brines, lees, and other bounties minimize waste. Learn what makes fermented foods safe and how to incorporate fermented foods into your lifestyle and diet. As a bonus, we will enjoy some fermented snacks! *This special experience will take place during Saturday’s Special Sessions. Attendance is included in registration; however spots are limited. When you check in to the conference, you will have the opportunity to choose which Special Session you would like to attend.*

Creating Herbal Skin and Hair Care Products Using Biodynamical Grown Herbs and Flowers

Presenter: Earcine Evans, Pure Cine'

In this class we will explore the impact of common toxins and chemicals in skin/hair care products and learn ways to incorporate herbs and flowers into body care to improve and support our overall health and wellbeing. Earcine will discuss how she incorporates organic, natural, and biodynamic farming principles to build soil health and increase the nutrition of the foods and medicines she grows while she teaches you how to take control of your skin and hair care. Participants will also learn how products in her Pure Cine’ line are scientifically tested and regarded for their healing properties.

Eco-Herbalism: It’s in Your Nature

Presenter: Leah Larabell, High Garden Tea

Join Leah Larabell and learn the new, old way to practice herbalism...  to be an Eco-herbalist.  Somewhere along the way, Western Herbalism has lost its connection to those we should know best, the plants.  We've lost our relationship with the wild ones; the butterflies, bees, caterpillars, birds and more. Let’s learn to embody a true plant wisdom keeper who practices herbalism in a way of community and not consumerism.  Learn who else depends on the plants that we gather and when they need them the most. This is beyond ethical wildcrafting, its land stewardship and relationship.  Learn how to act as a part of nature and promote biodiversity through our practices.  We'll discuss native plant medicine, relationships in nature, and how we can be of most support in our herbal lifestyle to those who support us. Embrace the wild in and around you.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water: Elemental Herbalism

Presenter: Joan Cowden, Bright Circle Herbcraft

Each primary season in the year is associated with an element that we must have to live.  A wonderful way to align with the magical forces of life in a season is to align with its element – and the herbs that carry the element's energetic signature. Joan will walk through the four primary seasons in the Wheel of the Year with a review of herbs that mirror those energetic connections, and how they support robust health. We'll also incorporate practices and simple rituals to deepen resonance with season, plants, and elements, all three. This informational talk is for anyone who wants to strengthen their connections to these energies and truly helpful herbs!  The handouts will contain notes to help you continue attuning to these energies with the herbs in the year to come.

Getting to Know Rabbit Tobacco (Pseudognalphalium obtusifolium)

Presenter: Byron Ballard

Dive into the world of rabbit tobacco, also known as sweet everlasting and old field balsam with folklorist, Byron Ballard. She will share her findings and experiences from a yearlong study of this native plant. There will be herbal wisdom, story, and more! 

Gut, Heart, and Mood – Relief!

Presenter: Joan Cowden, Bright Circle Herbcraft

The superhighway of the Vagus Nerve connects the gut, heart and brain, and all three of these talk to each other through that pathway. When one of them is in distress, that distress can affect the other two, creating a downward spiral of tension, stress and very real anxiety. We'll talk about a category of herbs that supports each system, and star herbs that help foster resilience. This talk will include informational slides, engagement, handouts and a Q&A for each category. This class is appropriate for new or intermediate herbalists, as well as anyone who is dealing with gut, heart, or mood distress in yourself or clients.

Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics

Presenter: Robin Rose Bennett, Wisewoman Healing Ways

The overuse of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture has led to a crisis of antibiotic-resistant infectious diseases. Antibiotics are also radical remedies with side effects. Fortunately, there are a variety of teas, tinctures, topical salves and foods that can be used to prevent illness through strengthening our immune systems. There are also antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral herbs that can be used safely and effectively to help us heal when illness is already present. Join herbalist Robin Rose Bennett to learn how herbal allies, from astragalus to zingiber (ginger), can help us regain and maintain our health.

Herbal Foot Care: Traditional Techniques for the Community Herbalist

Presenter: Yolanda Hatch

This workshop will explore the long history of foot washing as a form of self-care in Black Communities. Yolanda will discuss several herbs and treatments for various foot issues as well as the underestimated value of foot care. She will also share information about performing hands-on foot care as a member of the Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic in Atlanta Ga where she serves the homeless population in this supportive way.    

Herbal Pet Care: Holistic Remedies for Cats & Dogs

Presenter: Dr. Shannon Dawkins, Claws and Paws

In this workshop, holistic veterinarian Dr. Dawkins will discuss ways to care for our pets in a more holistic way with the help of herbs and supplements. Common health issues and herbal remedies will be covered as well as holistic protocols to liver dysfunction, cancer, and more.

Herbal Midwifery and Women’s Health

Presenter: Stacie Smith-Hunt, Whole Woman Wellness

Herbal midwifery is one of the most requested topics at our conference! We are so honored to have Stacie Hunt with us to teach about midwifery basics and the go to herbs for pregnancy and birth. This is a beginner level and will include handouts.

Herbal Steams

Presenter: Paula Ciniero, Herbalist and Teacher

There are many types of herbal steams and this class will cover a variety of them, including steams for the lungs, face, and vagina. Paula will cover benefits, techniques and suggestions for choosing herbs. She will also offer clarifications and information related to vaginal steams to help participants feel more comfortable exploring this women’s health practice.

Herbs for the Thinning Veil

Presenter: Joanna Mann, Walden Farmacy

As we move through the wheel of the year, herbs and rituals can assist us in aligning with the energies of the earth and creation. With special attention on Samhain and the thinning veil, we will focus on herbs to help us slow down and connect with the inner worlds so that we may receive maximum regeneration from the resting season. Herbs utilized will include reishi to connect us in with a greater sense of self as we release what is beginning to decay in our lives, rabbit tobacco to connect to the guidance of our loved ones beyond the veil, and mugwort as the archetypal plant of the dream world.

Holy Herbs: The His-tory and Her-story of Herbs and the Deities Associated with Them

Presenter: Ruth Shelton, The Empirical Herbalist

Myth and magic are chock-full of herbal associations. This class will look at plants from around the world and discuss holy beings throughout multiple mythos, exploring how those relationships can help us understand the properties and uses of related herbs. Participants will be invited to step into a world of imagination, mystery, and tradition while learning about this fascinating topic!

Intro to Alchemy & Spagyric Extracts

Presenter: Mo Judith, Founder of Aura La Voura

In this class we will dive into the basic principles of alchemy, what spagyric tincture extracts are, the history dating back to ancient times and what these applications are in our modern world. Participants will learn how to create their own spagyric tincture extracts and leave with an understanding of the benefits to this preparation.

Kitchen Witchin’ 2.o

Presenter: Ruth Shelton, The Empirical Herbalist

Our Kitchen Witch is back for round two! Ruth has new recipes and herbs for us to explore and sample as we dive into the realm of kitchen herbalism! Whether you attended last year, or this is your first time, you are in for a treat! Aside from the garden, the kitchen is the easiest place to discover and use new herbs. In this class we will explore the rich (and delicious) world of Spice Rack Medicine and discuss how to build health through nourishing foods and the easy-to-access herbs. You'll be amazed at how nutritional and medicinal some of the ingredients already in your pantry can be. We will look at traditional ways to use herbs to enhance your food and also get creative with flavor pairings and new combinations. You'll leave this class inspired with new ideas and recipes that you can immediately start using in your daily life!

Listening to Plants: Energetics, Taste and Heart Connection

Presenter: Joan Cowden, Bright Circle Herbcraft

Tasting an herb can tell us so much about its healing qualities and actions. Sitting with an herb in mindful receptivity can often deepen that knowledge in unexpected ways. In this experiential class we'll combine them both, to illustrate just how much you can learn about an herb you're not familiar with from these two methods. Joan will open with a brief discussion of plant energetics, then we'll taste a number of herbal tinctures, write our own discoveries, and follow each with a discussion to share our results. You'll receive supplemental handouts, and take your tasting journals home for future reference. This class is for herbalists of all levels and can open doors for future learning!

Medicinal Vinegars and Oxymels

Presenter: Leslie Williams

Enjoy samples, demonstrations and lots of herbal wisdom sharing in this workshop with Leslie Williams! Not only will we be making some medicines together, we will be discussing recipes for making vinegar from scratch in our kitchens. We’ll cover making vinegar from fruit and vegetable scraps as well as medicinal herbs.  Leslie will also share information about making medicinal vinegar extracts: mineral tonics, digestive and bitters tonics and respiratory tonics.  The class would not be complete without samples and bonus info about adding honey (or other sweeteners) to our vinegar extracts and making oxymels. Takeaways will also include recipes for medicinal fire ciders and chai teas made with local and kitchen ingredients. This class will be tasty and fun, even if you don’t like vinegar!


Medicinal Tree Walk

Presenter: Leslie Williams

Join Tree Lover and Clinical Herbalist, Leslie Williams, for this not-to-be-missed walk through the woods where she will share information about identifying medicinal trees as well as ways to work with them. Learn to build an herbal medicine cabinet from Native, invasive, and landscape trees! Participants will learn about safe and ethical foraging, peeling bark correctly, proper identification, preparing medicines and more! Bring a notebook with you.

Perimenopause & Menopause: Herbal Support & Women’s Wellness

Presenter: Lisa Bedner, Pipsissewa Herbs

This workshop will offer clarifying information, holistic support, and herbal remedies specific to perimenopause and menopause. This important women’s health topic was the most requested topic for our 2024 conference and Lisa has a lifetime of experience supporting women through these life transitions. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the female body, accessible remedies and practices to support themselves, and confidence in their ability to navigate these changes with nature’s help!

Poisonous Plant Energetics & Folklore

Presenter: Danielle Galvin, Herbaceous Goods

Poisonous plants have intrigued mankind throughout history. While they can be deadly, they can also teach us lessons and enhance our lives. In this class we will cover the energetics of some popular poisonous plants, what we can learn from them through folklore, and how to incorporate them into our lives in a safe way. This is an energetic-based class, not medicinal. There will be flower essences for participants to try and they will leave with recipes and supplementary information. This is going to be fun!

Roots Below: The Deep Medicine of Autumn

Presenter: Leah Larabell, High Garden Tea

It’s time to go beneath the surface.  Let's dig deep into the concept of Rootwork and what it means within the realm of herbalism.  We'll uncover the almost lost art of how to make a potent root medicine including teas, tinctures and vinegars as well as how to properly harvest the roots doing the least damage to our plant kin as possible.  Lastly, we will root down and explore the spirit medicine roots can offer and how it fits in with the season of the year.  All while sipping on some Roots Below herbal tea and enjoying the presence of the deep ones.

Simple Herbal Preparations: A Beginners Guide

Presenter: Amanda Neufeld, Leonara Apothecary

This class will cover basic herbal preparations from teas, infusions and tinctures to oils and oxymels. Participants will learn how to work with herbs safely and effectively as well as discuss recipes and techniques if you are just getting started. Samples will be available along with notes and recipes. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when first learning about herbal medicine. This class will give participants some foundational information that will make material in other classes easier to understand and apply to your life.

The Home Herbal Apothecary

Presenter: Joanna Mann, Walden Farmacy

Herbal classes are amazing, but the number one takeaway most people are looking for is how they can apply herbal medicine to their life and family. Classes often forget to include this practical application. This class will address the most common “home apothecary” issues such as headaches, colds, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, allergies, mild insomnia, cuts and scrapes and more- think all those little things you know how to treat with OTC drug store items. We will discuss adequate herbal substitutes and strategies for combating these common complaints and go over dosages so that you leave feeling equipped to tackle these pesky complaints through the “farmacy” instead of the pharmacy.

Women’s Fire Ceremony

Ceremonialist: Lisa Bedner, Pipsissewa Herbs

*Saturday Special Session Option*

In this Traditional Native American ceremony, Lisa will guide participants in reflections and practices intended to help us reconnect to our female energy and deep wisdom, remembering how to be a good sister and mentor to others. *This special experience will take place during Saturday’s Special Sessions. Attendance is included in registration; however spots are limited. When you check in to the conference, you will have the opportunity to choose which Special Session you would like to attend.*


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