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2021 Spring Conference Frequently Asked Questions 

What will the health and safety protocols related to COVID19 be at the 2021 conference?

We want to be as clear as possible with our answer to this, while knowing that things could change at any moment and we cannot predict what things will be like in April. We plan to have the least restrictive protocols in place without being careless. We will base our decision on the state guidelines at the time, as well as what general protocols are for events our size. Based on our current expectations (and hopes), we do not intend to have any mask protocols in place but will have additional sanitization and cleaning practices in place. We will hold as many activities and classes in outdoor or open-air-spaces as possible. We need each person to be responsible for their own health and safety. If someone is deeply concerned or has health issues that make them a little extra worried, our recommendation to them would be to consider waiting until closer to the event to register so that we can offer more conclusive information.


How do I contact the conference team with questions?

The best way to contact us is via email:

You may also fill out a contact form here.

Who is the key contact for the conference?

The Conference Founder and Director, Michelle Rigling, serves as key contact for all questions and requests. Michelle is also the founder of Celebrate Your Existence Women's Group, the Chattanooga Red Tent, and The Cavewoman Way. 

How do I register for the Midsouth Womens' Herbal Conference?

The easiest way to register is online, through the registration tab. Registration opens November 1, 2020. If you need assistance or would like to register through mail via check, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

How much does registration cost?

There are various registration packages available for the 2021 conference. Please visit one of the pages below to review registration packages and rates:

What does my registration fee include?

All registrations include meals and access to all workshops and activities after your assigned check-in time.

  • Participants arriving on Thursday will have access to all programming from Thursday through Sunday

  • Participants arriving on Friday will have access to all programming Friday after 1:00pm through Sunday

  • If you want to attend Thursday night or Friday morning workshops, you must purchase an Early Arrival Package

Registration packages do NOT include parking. You must purchase a parking pass in addition to paying your registration fee if you need one. Please refer to the previous question to see in detail what each registration package includes.  

Can I purchase a day pass or commuter pass? 

Most regional herbal conferences do not offer a commuter option at all. However, we understand that some people really need this option and we want to be able to offer this to women living within a few miles from camp. For 2021, there will a very limited number of commuter passes available. Part of the herbal conference experience is what happens at night! Drum circles, ceremony, stargazing, storytelling... we encourage you to enjoy a full weekend away! Commuter passes do NOT include lodging or camping. Commuters must leave camp by 10:00pm each night.

Are children allowed at the conference?

If you would like to bring your daughter, granddaughter, or other young girl with you, we request that you reach out to us so we can provide you with information about registration and guidelines. There will be no youth program in 2021. However, we wholeheartedly believe that it is important for girls of all ages to have access to events like our conference and retreats. It is rare in our society for girls to have a chance to witness or participate in circles, ceremony, and retreats. In the past, we have offered a youth program. Because of our smaller gathering size, we will not have a youth program in 2021.  However, young girls are still welcome at the gathering, considering a few guidelines.

  • If you would like to bring your daughter, granddaughter or other girl under the age of 18, please email us so we can share guidelines and youth pricing with you. 

  • Mothers with an infant may bring their babies under 3 years old if they are commuting, camping, or choose a private cabin. We will not be able to allow infants or youth in shared cabins.  Please let us know if you are brining an infant by sending us a quick email when you register.

  • Girls over the age of 14 will pay the adult registration price, depending on lodging option chosen. 

  • There may be classes, such as Thursday evening's Experiential Plant Medicine Circle, that are adults-only due to content or activities. 

How does the meal plan work?

All registration packages includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. If you purchase the Thursday Arrival Package, three additional meals will be included (Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, and Friday lunch). All meals for 2021 will be vegetarian and gluten free. We can accommodate vegan requests if made in advance. 

What is on the menu?

The full menu will be published closer to the conference date. Check the Lodging and Meals page for updates or to download previous years' menus to get an idea of what types of food we serve.

Can you accommodate a special needs diet?

We are happy to accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets. If you have other special requests, please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your specific needs.

If I do not want to eat onsite, what are my options?

There are very limited options in the area. Mentone, AL is about 20 minutes away and there is a cafe and a small market there. However, be sure to check their hours of operation and menu in advance. There are a few gas stations nearby. Another alternative is to bring your own snacks. No alcoholic beverages are allowed. Campfires are not allowed. No cooking appliances will be available for participants to use.

What are the lodging options? 

Lodging options include camping, shared rustic cabins and private rustic cabins. Cabins are simple and rustic. They have electricity. They do not have heat or air conditioning. Most cabins do not have in-cabin restrooms, however the bathhouses are right next to the cabins. Unless you are upgrading to a private cabin, you will be assigned lodging (location and room) by the conference team. We will honor roommate requests when possible. 

Is tent camping available?

Yes. Tent camping is available for 2021 in the Moonlight Meadow. You will have to carry your items a short distance from your parking spot to your campsite so a rolling cart is recommended. 

Do I need to sign up for workshops in advance?

No. Workshops are open seating and do not require advanced sign ups.

Do you offer Scholarships or Equity Seats?

Our ability to offer Scholarships and Equity Seats is highly dependent upon donations and sponsorships. We will offer a limited number of Equity Seats to the 2021 conference and we hope that our efforts to rebuild our scholarship fund will allow us to offer more opportunities in 2022 and beyond. Equity seats are offered to individuals that want to attend the conference but cannot afford to pay full registration fees. If you would like to be considered, please email us for an application form. Priority will be given to the following individuals:

  • Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color

  • Women with disabilities

  • Women who are Veterans


Is there WiFi and/or cell phone service?

It is best to be prepared to NOT have internet or cell service. AT&T phones seem to have decent service, but others typically do not. Camp Woodmont does not have public WiFi.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

If you need to cancel your 2021 conference registration for any reason, the following cancellation policies apply:

  • Refund requests must be made in writing via email. 

  • If you choose to secure your spot through our non-refundable deposit program, your $100 deposit is not refundable, regardless of when you cancel. If participating in the deposit program, balances not paid by, or on, February 1, 2021 will result in cancellation. Your non-refundable deposit will be forfeited and cannot be applied to new or future registrations. 

  • Cancellations made before February 1, 2021 are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. A refund, minus this $100 fee, will be provided.

  • Cancellations made after February 1, 2021 are not eligible for refunds, however your registration can be transferred to another woman through April 10, 2021.

  • If you have questions or concerns about this, contact us before you register. 

If we have to cancel the 2021 Spring conference due to an unexpected emergency or public health crisis, we will refund 100% of your registration, minus the merchant fees charged to us by the online payment processing company we use. We typically use PayPal, however reserve the right to change to a different merchant at any time. These merchant fees are about 4.5% of your order total. If you pay by check, you will receive a full 100% refund.

  • Merchant Fees Explained: Paypal and online merchants no longer refund merchant fees if we need to issue you a refund. This means that if your order has to be refunded, the merchant (PayPal) keeps the fees it took from your registration. To clarify, we are not able to truly refund 100% of an order paid for online, because we don’t receive 100% of your money to start with. Paypal keeps a portion of the amount you pay (the math calculates to between 4%-5%) and we receive the rest. If you choose to pay online and your order has to be refunded for any reason, we will not be able to refund the merchant fees

How do I get to the conference and where do I park?

Camp Woodmont is located on Lookout Mountain at 381 Moonlight Drive, Menlo, GA 30731. Although it is in Georgia, it is only a few minutes from our 2018 and 2019 venue (in Alabama). We encourage you to carpool due to limited parking. Those with parking passes will receive information via mail regarding where to park upon arrival.

Is the conference handicap accessible? 

Camp Woodmont is not fully handicap accessible. Most pathways are gravel, not paved, and there are small flights of stairs in various places including into the Dining Hall. There will be a limited number of parking spaces reserved for those with mobility issues. We will do everything we can to assist. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions or concerns. 

Are Continuing Education credits available?

Continuing Education credits, such as those for nurses, are not available. We apologize and are looking into this for future conferences. 

May I bring my pets?

Although we love animals, you cannot bring  any pets or animals to the conference. Insurance policies of the conference host will not allow any animals  to be onsite during the conference. Pets may not be left in vehicles while you attend the conference.

What should I bring?

Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and linens for your bed (such as sleeping bag or quilt and pillow). You may want to bring insect repellent, sunscreen, and a rain jacket. Temperatures in April can be unpredictable, but the nights will be chilly, so bring a variety of clothing. You may also want to bring a journal, camera or things for free time. We encourage everyone to bring a tumbler or mug for water and tea. Disposable tea and coffee cups will NOT be available. 

What time is check-in and check-out?

For Thursday arrivals, check-in starts at 3:00pm Eastern Time and ends at 6:30pm. 

For Friday arrivals, check-in starts at 12:00pm Eastern Time and ends at 6:30pm. 

After parking, please proceed to the Dining Hall for check-in. Our conference ends on Sunday at approximately 12:00pm. 

What if it rains?

The Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference will happen rain or shine! If there are April showers, we'll sing in the rain, splash in the mud and have a good time. 

Is the Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference like other women's herbal conferences?

There are lots of herbal conferences around the country and they are all wonderful opportunities to learn and connect with other nature lovers, herbalists, and women.  There are many similarities and there will also be details unique to our gathering. It is our mission to host a regional herbal conference highlighting herbalists and healers from the Midsouth and honor the plants and traditions of the Midsouth at each conference. We invite women from any state (or country) to attend our conference. Most years we have women from over 20 states attend. 


Contact the Director

Michelle Rigling, MBA

Conference Director

The Cavewoman Way, LLC

Chattanooga, TN


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