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About The Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference

We believe in the magic and healing power of connecting women with plants. We know that in reclaiming herbal traditions and reconnecting with Mother Nature, we reclaim and reconnect to parts of our selves. Our events focus on highlighting the teachers, herbalists, and healers of the Midsouth, reviving and sharing folk medicine and healing traditions of the region, and providing opportunities for herbalists and nature lovers to come together to share and learn. At any of our gatherings, you can trust that intention and care is behind every decision and detail, from the nourishing food we prepare with locally sourced ingredients, to the multiple ways we work to create a welcoming and supportive space for all. 

Annual Herbal Conference

Our annual women's conference brings women together from across the country for a weekend of herbal medicine and women's health workshops, ceremony and special events, a diverse marketplace of live herbs and herbal gifts, and the opportunity to make new connections with well-known herbalists and teachers. Most of this website is dedicated to information about the Spring conference. 2021 will be our third conference. Both our first and second year sold out, with over 200 women attending each year.

Annual Wise Woman Retreat

Our wise woman retreat is an intimate gathering of women focused on seasonal nourishment, rest and reconnection, and root medicines and traditions. Our retreat weekend offers both time and space for solitude and relaxing in nature, as well as an itinerary of herbal medicine workshops, writing circles, fireside storytelling and drumming, wonder walks, rooted yoga, and more. See our PHOTOS page to view pictures from our previous Fall retreats, Into the Wild and Wild Roots.  

Other Events

Throughout the year, we host or sponsor other small events to give us an opportunity to learn and stay connected between our conference and retreat. Such events include the following. (Join our mailing list to stay up to date)

  • Winter Wisdom Retreat, typically held around the Full Wolf Moon in January

  • Wild Weeds Virtual Tea Party, sponsored by us, hosted by The Cat & The Crow Apothecary

  • Summer Plant Walks, dates vary 

Our Leadership Team

Our planning team consists of women dedicated to the mission and vision of The Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference. We work together as volunteers to plan and host each year's events. Our current planning team members are: 

  • Michelle Rigling, MBA (Director), Founder of CYE and Chattanooga Red Tent in Tennessee

  • Leanne Holcomb, Community Herbalist in Alabama

  • Stephanie Chance, Yoga and Kundalini Teacher in Tennessee

  • Heather Holloway, Herbalist, Founder of The Cat & The Crow Apothecary, host of Wild Weeds Tea Party in Georgia