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About The Midsouth Women's Herbal Collective

The Midsouth Women’s Herbal Collective offers opportunities for sharing herbal education and wisdom, cultivating relationships with plants and nature, and co-creating a supportive holistic community.

Our Vision for Women & The Earth

Women are empowered as stewards of the earth and guardians of natural healing traditions. We are rooted in connection and united by a shared vision of nature-centered wholeness and healthy self reliance. Herbal medicine is accessible to all, and traditional practices are both safeguarded and celebrated as everyone’s birthright. Nature lovers, herbalists, and students have welcoming and friendly places to learn and grow, elders are honored and respected as wisdom keepers, and everyone has access to a diverse network of safe teachers, compassionate practitioners, and dependable community resources.

Annual Herbal Conference

Our annual women's conference brings women together from across the country for a weekend of herbal medicine and women's health workshops, ceremony and special events, a diverse marketplace of live herbs and herbal gifts, and the opportunity to make new connections with herbalists and other plant lovers. Our first conference, The Lookout Mountain Herbal Conference, took place in 2017. We held Midsouth Women's Herbal Conferences in 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Visit the CONFERENCE tab for 2024 information.

Seasonal Women's Retreats

Our seasonal retreats are intimate gatherings of women focused on seasonal nourishment, rest, and reconnection. Our retreat weekends offer time and space for solitude and relaxing in nature, as well as an itinerary of herbal medicine workshops, drumming, wonder walks, yoga, and more. See our PHOTOS page to view pictures from our previous retreats and check out the RETREAT tab for upcoming retreat information.

Other Events

Throughout the year, we host and/or sponsor workshops and small events throughout the Midsouth region. Join our mailing list or visit the WORKSHOPS tab to learn about upcoming events.

Our Leadership Team

Each member of our leadership team is dedicated to the mission and vision of The Midsouth Women's Herbal Collective and is an active participant in the Midsouth herbal community. We work together as volunteers to plan and host each year's events. Current leadership team members include: 

  • Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc., MBA (Founder), Counselor and Plant-Spirit Medicine Practitioner in Tennessee

  • Stephanie Chance, MS, Biologist, Yoga and Kundalini Teacher in Tennessee

  • Heather Holloway, Herbalist, Founder of The Cat & The Crow Apothecary in Georgia

  • Leslie Bunt, Engineer and Folk Medicine Healer in Alabama

  • Sandra Watson, Project Manager and Plant Lover in Tennessee

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