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Winter Witchery: A Day of Yule Magic & HerbCrafting

with Ruth Shelton & Michelle Rigling

November 26, 2023
10:00am-4:00pm ET
Chattanooga, TN

Day Retreat: $58
Lunch: +$18

If you thought Autumn was the season of the witch, think again!
Winter is steeped in mystery, enchantment, herblore, and magical traditions. During this all day women's gathering, we're embracing the medicine of the dark season with yule crafts, herbal remedies, storytelling, and bewitching beverages. Plus, our hosts are cooking up some Yule Ball Goulash inspired by Harry Potter! Don't forget your witch hat... and bring your favorite holiday recipe to share with the group.

Schedule of Activities
The Medicine of Winter Workshop
Witch Craft: Ritual Yule Logs
Solstice Spices & Winter Wands Workshop
Witch Craft: Solstice Bells
Yule Rituals & Recipes Class
Storytime: Winter Witches & The Yule Cat

Lunch: +$18
Yule Ball Beef Goulash
(or Vegan Chili)
+ Rosemary Bread
+ Yule Desserts & Beverages

More Information

Teens and adults welcome.
Only 16 spots available!

Festive Fun
Those wearing a winter-themed or yule-decorated witch hat will be entered into a drawing to win a Yule-Inspired gift!

The Wellness Corner
6209 Lee Highway, Chattanooga, TN

About our Hosts:
Ruth Shelton & Michelle Rigling

Ruth is The Empirical Herbalist! She will be joining us from Powell, TN where she serves our community as a clinical herbalist and holistic practitioner. Ruth has an affinity for and deep love of folklore and healing magic. Her expertise is kitchen and spice rack medicine and those who attend her classes rave about learning things they have never heard anywhere else!

Michelle is the Founder of The Midsouth Women's Herbal Collective, a Transpersonal Counselor, and a Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonialist in Chattanooga, TN. She has a background in holistic mental health and nature-based recovery as well as integrating herbs and plants into spiritual practices and seasonal living. She loves both Fall and Winter for the unique opportunities they offer for deep introspection and re-enchanting everyday life.

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