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2023 Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference 

Workshops & Activities


Down to Earth Program

Rites of Autumn Ceremony

Facilitator: Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc.

Thursday, September 28, 2023



Going to Ground

Experiential Workshop

Facilitator: Heather Holloway,

The Cat & The Crow Apothecary

Friday, September 29, 2023



Conference Workshops

Alphabetized by Title

*Descriptions Coming Soon*

Ask the Authors

Q&A Interviews 

Rebecca Beyer, Elizabeth Guthrie + More

Folk Astrology & The Signs

Presenter: Phyllis D. Light, RH (AHG)

Herbal Contraceptives 

Presenter: Abigail Ruby, Ruby Roots

Herbal Skincare & Your Right to Know

Presenter: Earcine Evans, Pure Ciné 

Kitchen Within': Cooking up Magic and Medicine

Presenter: Ruth Shelton,

The Empirical Herbalist

Mabon Herbs & Rituals

Presenter: Joanna Mann,

Walden Farmacy

Making a Wild Medicine Plant Walk

Presenter: Susan Edwards,

Wolf Lily's Dancing Apothecary

Mycelium Mysteries 

Presenter: Ali Zokan, Forest Folk Fungi

October's Eve Herblore Tea & Tell

Presenter: Rebecca Beyer, Blood & Spicebush

Poison Plants of Appalachia

Presenter: Rebecca Beyer, Blood & Spicebush

Somatics and Plant Medicine

Presenter: Elizabeth Guthrie, PhD

The Trauma Informed Herbalist

Spirit to Spirit/Plants to People

Presenter: Laurie Quesinberry,

Bear Alchemy

Additional Workshop TBD

Presenter: Phyllis D. Light

Appalachian Center for Natural Health

Workshop: Title TBD

Presenter: Leah Larabell,

High Garden Tea

More Coming Soon!

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