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Midsouth Women's Virtual Herbal Collective

Leadership Team Opening

We currently have 2 openings for Leadership Team Members!

Midsouth Women's Herbal Collective Leadership Team members are crucial to the success of our events, outreach, and community work. We are looking for passionate, kind, dependable nature-lovers to help us plan and manage future events, grow our collective, and problem-solve as challenges arise. We are down to earth and have a lot of fun. We take our work seriously, but our time together often feels like play! While team members are volunteers and are not currently financially compensated for involvement, there are many perks and rewards of being involved. Not only will you be helping us bring our vision to life, you'll also meet some awesome wise women and have unique networking opportunities. Current team members say that their participation in the collective feels meaningful and fulfilling. 

Team Member Responsibilities

1. Attend monthly zoom calls (during months when no meeting is needed, we don't have one).

2. Reply to team emails in a timely manner.

3. Attend the annual Fall conference, arriving on Thursday, and serve as on-site coordinator of specific area (such as marketplace coordinator). If you are local, you do not have to stay on-site but your help will be needed each day.

4. Attend a full day annual planning and team building retreat (usually held in the Chattanooga area with optional overnight lodging).

5. Help promote MSWHC events on social media and/or by distributing postcards and flyers.

6. Keep any and all sensitive and private information learned through conference team discussions and meetings confidential.

7. Optional: Occasionally we get together to stamp/address envelopes for a giant mailing or work on a project. While this is rare, and not required, these types of requests may be sent to team members throughout the year and involvement is always appreciated.

8. Optional: Assist the director at garden shows, expos, and trade shows, as available. 

This opportunity is NOT for someone who struggles with overcommitting and/or follow-through​. We've all been there! However, with a small leadership team, it makes a huge difference when one person has to cancel on their commitments or can't help out as planned. Team membership renews each year, so it is completely fine if you decide to only serve one year :) 

2023 Team Member Perks

1. Complimentary Fall conference registration, lodging and meals (starting on Thursday).

2. Complimentary attendance (for self) at seasonal workshops hosted exclusively by MSWHC.

3. 50% off registration (for self) to seasonal retreats and/or the option to teach at the retreat.

4. $100 Travel stipend to support travel expenses incurred traveling to/from meetings and conference, paid by check the weekend of the Fall Conference.

 The Application Form is an item in our online store.

Click on "MSWHC Team Member App" and the questions will load.

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