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with Michelle Rigling, PhD

Down to Earth 
Mushroom Series

A Virtual Series

Down to Earth: The Medicine & Magic of Mushrooms

An Immersive Virtual Series

September 6, 13 and 20, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm ET

We're counting down the weeks to our Fall Conference with a virtual series all about mushrooms! September is National Mushroom Month after all, and what better way to get a head start on this year's conference theme (Down to Earth) than with a journey underground? Whether you are interested in the medicinal properties of mushrooms and how to incorporate them into your diet or you are interested in the therapeutic benefits they have to offer, this series promises to be both informative and inspiring.

Sliding Scale: $45 - $65
Includes lives sessions + recordings.

Week 1: The Basics & Beyond
The Wood Wide Web
Mushroom Myths & Mysteries
Nutritive Mushrooms
Immune Support
Preparations & Extractions
Dosage Guidelines
Recipes & Shopping Tips

Week 2: Shiitake Happens
Mushrooms & Emotional Resiliency
Your Brain on Mushrooms
Alzheimer's Research Findings 
Mental Health Support
Cancer Recovery Research
Medicinal Guidelines

Week 3: Magic Mushrooms in Modern Medicine
Intro to Entheogenic Mushrooms
The "Magical" Chemistry 
Micro vs. Macro-dosing
Protocols for Safety
Therapeutic Integration
Clinical Trial Reviews  
Legal Outlook

We will share teachings and research from:
Katherine MacLean, PhD
Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac, AHG
Dale Pendell, Ethnobotanist
Andrew Weil, M.D.
Mark Plotkin, PhD
Michael Pollan
John Hopkins Univ.
and more!

About Our Presenter
Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc., CLC
Board Certified Holistic Practitioner

Michelle is a doctorate-level Transpersonal Counselor, Eco-Therapy Guide, and Sacred Plant Medicine Practitioner in Chattanooga, TN. She is also the founder and director of The Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference. Michelle's work with plants tends to focus on spiritual wellness and emotional resiliency; she enjoys inspiring people to connect with nature in simple ways that encourage authenticity, wild belonging, and self-reliance. She loves to teach, especially about mushrooms, and is a strong advocate for everyone having uninhibited access to nature's medicine. Michelle hosts nature-based retreats and holistic wellness events through her private practice, The Cavewoman Way. You can learn more about her work at

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