Our 2021 Conference was a huge success!
Register now for our Fall Wise Woman Retreat, Roots + Remedies + Ritual, and check back this summer for updates about our 2022 conference and!

Roots + Remedies + Ritual

Fall Wise Woman Retreat
October 7-10, 2021
Mentone, AL
Registration is Open!

The Midsouth Women's Herbal Team brings you this immersive way to honor the changing of seasons and learn about autumn’s roots and herbs, while surrounding yourself with an empowering community of nature lovers and wise women. Join us for a transformative weekend of wisdom sharing, community, and ritual, sure to nourish your mind, body, and spirit!

Make your own Fire Cider, experience our first-ever Foraged Feast and Frolic, and enjoy workshops about root, tree and herbal medicine. For those interested in learning to craft their own seasonal rituals, there will be circles, workshops and activities to deepen your understanding of ceremony and connection with nature.

Retreat Highlights
Attend Root, Herb, and Plant Medicine Workshops
Go on a "Root Walkabout"
Learn to craft your own rituals in our DIY Rituals Class
Connect deeply to yourself through ceremony and reflection
Indulge your wild side with Kundalini Dancing and Drumming
Enjoy Root Chakra Yoga and Gong Meditations
Experience our first-ever Foraged Feast and Frolic
Savor the fall weather under a canopy of colorful leaves
Nourish your body with local, organic meals and teas

Leslie Williams, RH(AHG), Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference Elder, Owner of both The Ordinary Herbalist and Quiet Gardening
Leah Larabell, Clinical Herbalist, Tea Crafter, Owner of High Garden Tea
Michelle Rigling, M.Sc., Ceremonialist, Founder of Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference
Tracy Hilliard, LMT, RN, Feminine Steaming Educator and Wise Woman
Amanda Dawn Neufeld, Belly Dance Teacher
Stephanie Chance, Yoga Instructor and Pilates Instructor

Retreat Host
This retreat is co-hosted by The Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference and The Cavewoman Way. Registration opens on June 1 at 10:00am EDT and is available on the Registration tab.

Learn More
Read more on the Fall Retreat tab or click the link below.

Conference: See You Next Year! 

Our 2021 conference was spectacular! We had perfect weather, delicious food, excellent classes, and such a nurturing environment for reconnecting to each other, plants, and Mother Earth. We hope you'll join us next year, and in the meantime, check out our Fall Retreat. Registration is OPEN and you can read more here

Community & Sisterhood

We believe herbal medicine and wise woman gatherings should be accessible and inclusive of all women. From drum circles and tea parties to time in the market, you'll find a welcoming, soulful group of women to connect with.

Diverse Classes &

Amazing Presenters

Each year we have presenters from across the country join us to share their wisdom. Participants can choose from several workshops ranging from entry level classes to clinical intensives.

Sacred Space & Ceremony


Throughout the weekend you will find space and support to help you rest, heal, and reconnect such as Red Tent gatherings, guided nature walks, sacred women's circles, and special ceremonies. 

Nourishment for Mind,

Body & Spirit

From nourishing meals and complimentary hand-blended teas to a marketplace filled with herbal medicine, stones, and nature inspired gifts, your entire being will feel loved and supported!

Intentional Partnerships

& Sustainability

We partner with sponsors, volunteers, and others who care about sharing and supporting herbal medicine and healing traditions. At our event, we recycle, compost and are mindful of our impact on the land and environment.

What Conference Participants Say


"The herbal conference offered just the right environment to foster the mindset needed to nourish my spirit- one that allows growth, expansion, and a true nourishing of the self. What a wonderful blend of community, bonding, and learning within such a magnificent overall spirit of freedom!" -C.F.


"The weekend truly changed my life. The tea ceremony, drumming, meditation

and Moonlodge were transnsforming.

The vibe was so welcoming and supportive."

-2018 Participant

"The conference is a time to ground yourself and move forward with intentionality. The programing helps me understand how to better care for myself and be more selective with my energy and commitments. I enjoy yoga by the waterfall and the rocking chairs in the Red Tent space with new and old friends. " -A.G.


Thank you to our annual Sponsors