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with Michelle Rigling, PhD

The Spirit & Science of Sacred Plant Medicine

A Virtual Series

Exploring the Spirit and Science of Sacred Plant Medicine

An Immersive Virtual Series

May 11, 18 and 25, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm ET

Join us for an interactive and fascinating exploration of the spirit and science of Sacred Plant Medicine. Learn about the spiritual philosophy of plant-spirit medicine, dive into the history and science of visionary plants, and learn ways to connect with nature and create your own rituals. Registration ($55) includes access to 3 live webinars + 3 recordings + downloadable ritual guide. 

Week 1: Spirit of Sacred Plant Medicine
People have been working with plants in a sacred context for thousands of years, and yet, such practices are deeply personal. Why and how we individually relate to the natural world makes a difference and honoring plants as both conscious beings and wisdom keepers provides a foundation for working with them. Intention, attention, gratitude, and reciprocity are all part of cultivating respectful relationships with plant teachers. We'll explore these concepts plus have discussions about the philosophy of "plant-spirit medicine", intuitive plant communication, and the spiritual experiences some people have had with plants.

Week 2: Science of Sacred Plant Medicine
We can't help but be curious about "how" journeys and transformative experiences with plants are possible. While the plants certainly keep a few secrets to themselves, a growing body of research offers us an understanding of how specific groups of plants and their psychoactive compounds impact us. We will discuss entheogens and psychedelic medicine, nootropics as an ally for spiritual work, aromatic nervines, and flower essences. We will share some current research as well as honor the mystery that still exists in the areas of sacred plant medicine we can't quite explain yet!

Week 3: Your Sacred Plant Medicine
How do we cultivate sacred relationships with plants? How do we prepare for transpersonal journeys or spiritual experiences? What simple practices can we add to our daily lives that will deepen our connection with nature and the plants around us? Our third workshop will answer these questions plus guide you in discovering some plant allies that may already be with you! As a group we will share in a plant-spirit medicine ritual and you will receive guides to at least 3 practices to try on your own.

We will share teachings and research from:
Dale Pendell, Ethnobotanist
Chief Haru (Kuntanawa Nation)
Asia Shuler, Herbalist & Eco-Philosopher
Stephen Buhner, Herbalist & Author
Hyapatia Lee, Cherokee Elder
Robin Wall Kimmerer, PhD, Scientist 
Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Naturalist
John Hopkins Psychedelic Research Program
and more!

About Our Presenter
Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc., CLC
Board Certified Holistic Practitioner

Michelle grew up in rural Tennessee on 40 acres of family land. Her mama taught her that everything in nature was alive and conscious, from the trees and plants to the rocks and mountains. Talking to plants was simply part of her upbringing. As an adult, she was surprised to learn that not everyone had this connection to nature and even fewer people knew they could find a sense of belonging and connection there. At the time, she was a mental health professional and began learning ways to share nature-based practices with clients. Michelle is now a doctorate-level Transpersonal Counselor, Eco-Therapy Guide, and Herbal Medicine Practitioner in Chattanooga, TN. Her work with plants tends to focus on spiritual wellness and she enjoys inspiring people to connect with nature in simple ways that encourage authenticity, wild belonging, and self-reliance. Michelle hosts nature-based retreats and holistic wellness events through her private practice, The Cavewoman Way. You can learn more about her work at

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