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2021 Herb & Gift Marketplace

New for 2021: Conference Merch! We are so excited to be able to offer ceramic tea mugs and conference t-shirts as well as some other fun items at the new Conference Merch Vendor Table! Bring cash or a check, as internet is not reliable. These sales will support our sustainability fund.


There will be several vendors at our Spring conference offering products and services related to herbal medicine, women's health, and healing arts. In the past, we've had vendors selling live plants and dried herbs, apothecary products and herbal medicine, nature inspired art, drums, pottery, candles and incense, jewelry, ritual tools and clothing, books, and herbal snacks and beverages.

Our 2021 vendors include:

Bright Circle Herbcraft and Prairie Star Herbalist Connection

High Garden Tea

Walden FARMacy

Francis Flowers & Herbs Farm 

The African Shea Tree Parkland Mississippi Micro Co-op

Sons & Moon Botanicals Creations & Birth Services

Dreaming the Bee

Wolf Lily's Dancing Apothecary

Natural Affinity Soap

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