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Exploring Entheogens
A Live Webinar

with Michelle Rigling, PhD

August 1, 2023
7:30pm-9:00pm ET

Live Webinar: $12
Recording: +$5

Entheogens are compounds (usually in plants or fungi) consumed for spiritual, religious, or therapeutic purposes that alter our state of consciousness or deepen our sensual awareness. Many report an experience of connecting with Spirit, God/Goddess, or Universal Love. Entheogens are sometimes used to describe psychedelics as a way to destigmatize and hold sacred these ancient plant medicines and ceremonies. The word entheogen translates to mean creating or sensing the divine within.

Psychedelic and psychoactive plants and fungi are still a controversial topic, but we believe in creating safe spaces to learn about them together! This webinar will cover history, research, science, modern practices, and some personal stories related to psychoactive plants that have been worked with as sacred allies for centuries. We'll also talk about entheogens that are legal and how they affect the brain and body plus the ones that are federally regulated that are being used in clinical settings and spiritual ceremonies.

About our Presenter:
Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc.

Michelle is a doctorate-level Transpersonal Counselor, Certified Eco-Therapy Guide, and Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonialist in Chattanooga, TN. She has a background in trauma-informed social work as well as several years of experience in herb-supported mental health and nature-based recovery. In early 2023, she began offering Sacred Plant Medicine Journey "Trip Sitting" as well as Psychedelic Integration Coaching and Groups. To learn more about her and her private practice, The Cavewoman Way, visit

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