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Don't miss out on these special offerings! These workshops are 3-hour sessions that offer additional learning opportunities and unique experiences. Each requires advanced registration. Both intensives take place on Friday from 12:0opm-3:00pm. During registration, you will be asked to choose which intensive you want to attend.

Cost: $25.00 each.

OPTION 1: Herb Dosing - Dowsing & Radionics

Date/Time: Friday, April 17, 2020 12pm-3pm

Presenter: Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, Registered Herbalist, AHN-BC


Empower yourself by learning How to Use Dowsing and Radionics To Honor and Interface With Herbal Medicine, to enhance and increase the accuracy of dosing and prioritizing herbal therapies. The ancient art of dowsing has been a time honored system used by healers around the world as a sacred tool to measure and tune into vibrational fields that surround all plants, animals, humans and imponderable essences. There are many kinds of dowsing tools, including pendulums, dowsing ‘rods’ and advanced electronic field readers, and body centered ‘stickplates’. Radionics is a system of measuring and influencing energy patterns, frequencies, signatures and vibrational rhythms. Basic to radionic theory and practice is the concept that everything shares a common ground in that we are all bathed in the electro-magnetic and other energy fields of the entire Universe.  Through the use of simple tools, energy and intention, healthy patterns can be evaluated and restored. Dowsing and radionics are practical tools that enhance sharing HERBS AS MEDICINE, by having a tool to evaluate formulations and dosing specific to EACH INDIVIDUAL. In addition, via Radionics, plant medicines can be ‘broadcast at a distance’ to enhance healing for ourselves, friends and loved ones. 


OPTION 2: Liberated Female Bodies 

Date/Time: Friday, April 17, 2020 12pm-3pm

Presenters: Ruth Elliot, Physical Therapist, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist & Jackie Dobrinska, 

Wise Woman Practitioner, Certified Herbalist

Description: Come with us on a transformational journey of empowerment. This unique and powerful gathering will be a very special one for adult women of all ages and experiences.  Our class will take a multi-faceted approach to fully understand our bodies and reclaim them from shame, cultural baggage, oppression, and fear. Only then can we understand and honor the stories our bodies carry. Explore with us as we blend presentation, movement and ceremony to take you to this new level of relationship with your body and self.


Standard Workshops are included in all registration types. Standard workshops range from 1.5 hours-3 hours in length. A detailed schedule will be available closer to the conference weekend. Descriptions for several of the workshops that will be offered at the 2020 conference are below. More will be added through the end of the year so check back for updates!


More Workshops and Descriptions To Be Added Soon!

Body Talk with Phyllis D. Light: The Mind/Body Connection

Presenter: Phyllis D. Light, Registered Herbalist, Owner of the Appalachian Center for Natural Health

Description: Do you have the gall(bladder) to stand and speak your mind? Have you ever felt like you’ve been kicked in the gut due to shock or trauma? Has love ever taken your breath away? Has emotional pain ever taken your voice? Ever felt weak in the knees? Our thoughts and emotions play a major role in our physical and emotional health and this is reflected within our bodies. Emotions, trauma, and stress trigger a release of neurotransmitters that affect blood chemistry, heart rate and the activity of every cell and organ in the body. Join Phyllis for an exploration of the mind/body connection with an emphasis on organ systems and how they are affected by our thoughts. In this class, we’ll explore the mind/body/spirit connection and ways to help our body heal including spirit doses of herbs, rituals, the language we use for self-talk, changing our attitudes and beliefs, and other mind/body techniques. To quote Candace Pert, Ph.D., “Since emotions run every system in the body, don’t underestimate their power to treat and heal.”


Botanical Meditation Plant Walk

Presenter: Abby Artemisia, Botanist, Herbalist, Professional Forager, Owner of WANDER School

Description: People often ask how the native people learned the benefits of the wild herbs, wondering if many people had to get sick or even die to figure it out. Throughout history, people were more connected to the plants and able to communicate with them. We still have this ability today, we just have to learn to reconnect. We’ll go on a plant walk, stopping at particular plants and sitting and meditating with them to learn more about them. There will be some directions on how to start this process. Bring an open mind, a notebook to take notes on your meditation information, and a comfortable seat.


Choosing Safe Products for your Skin and Overall Health, Focusing on Your Right to Know!

Presenter: Earcine Evans, Herbalist, Owner of Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm

Description: Twenty-six seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream. Many of us believe that the FDA or the CDC maybe the controlling and approving the ingredients in our every day personal care products, but the truth is far from the belief…  personal care products are a part of the cosmetics industry which has been self regulated since World War II . While there is an oversight board, It is populated with members than profit from the very products that are under scrutiny. As more and more research about the impact of parabens and other ingredients in common personal care products becomes available, we believe it is important to reiterate our deep commitment to informed, educated consumers.


Classic Stone Formulas for Love and Connection 

Presenter: Sarah Thomas, LAc, Owner of Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

Description: Love is truly the ultimate healer. Your deepest fears and most devastating heartbreaks can be freed by the love in your own heart. Yet, our fears and heartbreaks are the very things that obscure this field of love within us. The stones and crystals of the earth have the potential to free these deep and ancient fears and heartbreaks. In this class, you will learn about classic Daoist stone formulas for the heart, that when taken for ninety days, can free you from the fears, heartbreaks, traumas, and ancestral karmas you've carried, leading to greater connection with all living things. You will also learn how to combine these stones to the heart herbal allies you love.

Connected Among Concrete: Staying Connected to Mother Earth

Presenter: Lisa Bedner, RN, Registered Herbalist (AHG), Owner of Pipsissewa Herbs

Description: In this class we will explore how to stay connected to the Earth Mother when you live surrounded by cement. Lisa will give us instructions for growing and using herbs in pots, on your patio or porch. We'll discuss specific varieties of nutritional and medicinal herbs that thrive in small spaces. Learn the importance of eating small amounts of live plants each day. Creating your own Greenspace for mind, body, and Spirit.


Cycle with the Four Seasons

Presenter: Amy Hollon, Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Postpartum Doula, Founder of Sweet Kiss Fertility

Description: The female menstrual cycle is so much more than a hormonal rhythm of bleeding once a month and birthing babies. Many women in our society have chosen to shut off their reproductive bodies in order to not have to deal with their bleeding time and often only think of their cycle again if they decide to try and conceive. In this Red Tent, we will learn about the four district phases of our cycle and how similar they are to nature's four seasons! When we become aware of this natural cycle, we can amplify our creative potential, live in harmony with our body and maximize the gifts of being a woman.


Experiential Plant Spirit Medicine

Presenters: Mandi Sanders, Community Herbalist and Ali Pinion, Bee Guardian

Description: Step into the world of plant spirit medicine through a guided experience with bioregional medicine offerings. Through the sacred remembering, we will step into a new awareness of connection with these divine beings and all life. We will explore the ins and outs of plant spirit medicine not just with information to feed the head, but with an experiential & ceremonial learning that awakens the heart. We will not only discuss “what is plant spirit medicine”; we will also provide a ceremonial experience where we will share information about each bioregional medicine offering. Through essences and other ceremonial preparations (teas, infused oil, elixirs etc) an experience to really deepen one’s own intuition and really root into the connection with each medicine. This is about sacred remembering and a sovereignty that comes only thru this depth trusting & knowing one’s connection to all beings.


Gather a Wild Tea Plant Walk

Presenter: Susan Edwards, Naturalist, Environmental Educator

Description: Participants can enjoy gathering a few leaves of some common medicinal plants (Pine, Plantain, Violet, and more) and make their own tea as we enjoy getting to know the plants and each other in the wild and remember our wild ways together, our connection to the earth, our wise inner knowings, and the knowledge of the plant world that has been shared over the generations in this way.


Healing our Roots: Root Chakra Healing Techniques with Mother Earth, Movement, Meditation, & Mindfulness

Presenter: Joanna Mann, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Owner of Walden Farmacy

Description: In this engaging and multi-sensory class we will move through a kundalini yoga practice for healing the root chakra while discussing mindful practices for working with our roots.  We will utilize Walden Farmacy's root chakra oxymel to activate the chakra before the practice, and the practice will conclude by engaging in an energy healing meditation.  Topics touched on will include a complete description of the root chakra, grounding, embodiment, ancestral healing, connecting with the earth element, crystals for the root chakra, and herbs for healing the root chakra.  Please bring a yoga mat or blanket.


Herbal & Crystal Concoctions

Presenter: Jennifer Beacham, RN, Herbalist, Owner of ROCKBELLY Minerals

Description: Let’s get (green) witchin’ in the kitchen! Let your imagination flow as we discuss safe and practical applications of herbal and crystal infusions in honey, food/drink and skin care products. Turn the every day into something magical!


Herbal Infusions 101

Presenter: Denisea Mann, Herbal Skincare Creatress and Owner of Natural Affinity

Description: In this class you will learn how to make herbal infusions to support and nourish your body as well as contributing to your overall wellness. An infusion is a large amount of herb brewed for a long time. You will learn which herbs to use and that are helpful for energy, stress, menopause, support adrenal glands, kidneys, libido, nerve building, nourishing brain, bones, sleep and more! The herbs we will be learning about are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins & trace minerals. I will show you how to make herbal infusions step-by-step at home and there will be also be samples for you to try as well! At the end you will be given herbs to take with you to create an infusion at home. Printouts will also be provided. By the end of this class you will have the confidence & knowledge to create your very own nourishing infusions at home.


Herbs for Burnout

Presenter: Lauren Haynes, Community Herbalist, Owner of Wooden Spoon Herbs

Description: This class is all about how to avoid and how to deal with burnout. We’ll cover adaptogens, nervines and nutritives.


Land Healing with Stones

Presenter: Sarah Thomas, LAc, Owner of Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

Description: Nature is perfect and exists in a state of Oneness. Paradoxically, there are dense and stagnant fields of energy in certain lands and homes that need our help to evolve. Like plants, stones are healing. Since ancient times, stones and crystals have been used in power sites, pyramids, dolmens, stone circles and even city monuments as a way to network, mold and heal existing Earth energy. Together, we will explore the ancient arts of land healing and move from very simple beginner steps into some profound intuitive processes.  In this workshop you will:

  • Learn what land and space needs and what it doesn't need

  • Explore intuitive processes for upgrading your home, garden and land

  • Learn how to map out spaces and obtain the right stones to build grids

  • Learn how to build land grids for protection, purification and more

  • Remember how to hold space and invite Grace

Leaky Gut Syndrome | The Microbiome: Herbs to the Rescue

Presenter: Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, RH (AHG), AHN-BC, "The Natural Nurse"

Description: There are multiple influences that promote the inflammatory process involved in GI disturbances ranging from irritable bowel distress to the more complex manifestations of Crohn's disease. One well documented causative factor is compromised intercellular junctions in the GI mucosa leading to intestinal permeability. In this presentation, we will discuss the mechanism of action that initiates and complicates inflammation when intercellular junctions are compromised , the role of the microbiome in both causing and healing this issue,  discuss diagnostic tests that can help identify this process, and  present several evidence based herbs and natural interventions that can be used to positively influence this condition. Clinical objectives are as follows:

  • Objective 1: enable the learner to review the current literature that investigates the link between intestinal permeability and inflammation

  • Objective 2: enable the learner to evaluate diagnostic protocols and tools to determine intestinal permeability, ie Mannose, Lactulose Challenge

  • Objective 3: enable the learner to effectively incorporate low risk- high efficacy evidence based natural interventions in patient protocols

Macerations: How to Make Tinctures & More

Presenter: Rose Marie Nuffer, Community Herbalist, Organizer of Central Arkansas CSH Program

Description: In this workshop we will discuss and practice the basics of making herbal extracts, from tinctures and acetums (infused vinegars) to glycerites. I will cover the folk method and the ratio method, dipping into a little bit of math but with a cheat sheet for you to follow! Plus I will share tips I learned along the way. This beginner to intermediate level class will help you gain more skills in making your own medicines confidently.


Native Plant Walk

Presenter: Phyllis D. Light, Registered Herbalist, Owner of the Appalachian Center for Natural Health

Description: Join Phyllis for a native plant walk! We’ll talk about the native plants and trees found on the property and their traditional uses. Growing or foraging native plants for food and medicine is an age-old practice that has sustained humans since the dawn of time. Using our native plants provides more than just benefits for the body, it also connects us to the land. Join Phyllis as she discusses the traditional Southern uses of these local plants.


Native Traditions of Women & the Earth

Presenter: Lisa Bedner, RN, Registered Herbalist (AHG), Owner of Pipsissewa Herbs

Description: In this class we will discuss simple ways that help Native Women feel rooted to the Earth Mother. This includes traditional stories from the Tsalagi (Cherokee), Tihanama, Hopi, and other Nations. We'll learn at least one Women's song, and make a Women's Medicine Bundle to take home with you.


Reconnecting to the Rhythms of Life

Presenter: Joan Cowden, Clinical Herbalist, Owner of Bright Circle Herbcraft

Description: The routines of modern life have pushed our society to disconnection from the rhythms of nature, causing distress in body, mind and spirit. Joan will discuss the body's diurnal cycle, it's relationship to digestive and stress hormones, and herbs to support re-establishing that rhythm. She will then follow through the Lunar, and Solar (Seasonal) cycles of life, detailing the uses of an almanac, simple ceremony, and herbs to facilitate reconnection to these powerful rhythms.


The Thyroid/Adrenal Connection

Presenter: Phyllis D. Light, Registered Herbalist, Owner of the Appalachian Center for Natural Health

Description: How do we get back our groove? Feel like we use to feel full of energy and verve? If you were diagnosed with hypothyroidism after a traumatic or stressful event such as pregnancy, accident, infection or an emotional trauma, you may also have adrenal fatigue. If you were diagnosed with adrenal fatigue or exhaustion, you may also have a poorly operating thyroid. These two glands are intricately connected through the endocrine system. When they aren’t working in sync, the reproductive system and blood sugar response may also be affected. In this class, Phyllis will discuss the difference and similarities between hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue and how symptoms of each may mimic the other. We’ll talk about herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, special diets, and mind/body techniques that help bring the body back into balance.

Wortcunning and the Genius Loci: Plant Medicine Through the Lens of Animism

Presenters: Nicki Schneider, Bio-regional Folk Herbalist and Lisa Harris, RN, Clinical Herbalist

Description: The Genius Loci refers to the spirit of place. In a broader sense incorporating land spirits, plant and tree spirits, the elementals and many other beings which have been relegated to exist only in myth and folklore by today's conventional culture.  As wortcunners, we are intimately tied to the land, living with the seasons and watching the weather, honoring nature and her cycles as we garden, wildcraft and harvest plants for food and medicine.  Animism, the belief that every thing, plant, animal and mineral, has a spirit and consciousness, ties these two concepts together. In this class we will explore our relationship with our own space and bioregion; what that looks like to each of us individually and how to cultivate a relationship with the land spirits to deepen our understanding of plant medicine and the plants themselves.

Wyldwood Wysdom: Reclaiming the Wisdom of our Grandparents (DIY Vinegars, Honeys, and more!)

Presenter: Debra Sitorius, Family & Community Herbalist, Homesteader, Natural Farmer

In this workshop, we reclaim the wisdom of our grandparents by connecting with simpler ways to improve our health. We will simplify processes such as making your own apple cider vinegar and discuss why you should make it yourself. We will discuss the possibilities of healing medicines growing in your yard and how to preserve those wellness allies in vinegar, oil, alcohol, honey, or in a combination like an oxymel. This is a hands-on workshop and everyone will have the chance to make their own oxymel or herbal vinegar to take home as you experience some how-to wisdom of our ancestors! 


Your Wild Magnetic Pelvis

Presenter: Ruth Elliot, Physical Therapist, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Description: This class will lead to an understanding of the female body and its powerfully magnetic creation. The body holds a temple for creating from a wild place that we as women rarely take advantage of. Blending medical intuition, pelvic energetics and anatomy, osteopathic emotional mapping, and women’s empowerment teachings, the class promises to empower women beyond manifestation to embodied creation.

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