The Thyroid/Adrenal Connection:
Herbal Support for Fatigue, Exhaustion, & Stress 

with Phyllis D. Light
June 18, 2022
1:30pm-4:30pm ET

The Cavewoman Way Studio:
3813 Dayton Blvd, Chattanooga, TN
Registration: $45.00

Do you wonder if you'll ever have the energy that you used to? If you are experiencing exhaustion, burn out, chronic stress, or constant fatigue (or if you work with clients who are struggling with these conditions), this workshop will offer you information on herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, special diets, and mind/body techniques that will help bring your body back into balance. People with adrenal fatigue or exhaustion often have a poorly operating thyroid. These two glands are intricately connected through the endocrine system. When they aren’t working in sync, the reproductive system and blood sugar response may also be affected. In this class, Phyllis will discuss the differences and similarities between hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue and how symptoms of each may mimic the other. You'll walk away with practical information and recipes for remedies you can make right at home.

Presenter: Phyllis D. Light, MA, RH (AHG)
Phyllis is a fourth generation Herbalist and Healer with over 30 years of experience in Southern Folk Medicine, Traditional Western Herbalism, Nutrition, Exercise Science, Body Work and Energy Medicine. Her studies in Traditional Southern Appalachian Folk Medicine began in the deep woods of North Alabama with lessons from her grandmother, whose herbal and healing knowledge had its roots in her Creek/Cherokee heritage. She has a Master’s Degree in Health Studies and is the founder of the Appalachian Center for Natural Health. Phyllis is the author of Southern Folk Medicine and co-author of Traditional Western Herbalism and Pulse Evaluation.